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Sound on sound

Studio Essentials
Towersonic Speaker Stands

Published in SOS May 2007

Towersonic Speaker Stands

Hugh Robjohns
We probably all spend a considerable amount of time and effort researching what home studio equipment to buy. Monitors are an obvious example, as even the briefest trawl through the SOS forums quickly reveals. But after spending a small fortune on monitors, who gives an equal amount of thought to how to support those expensive new speakers? It is an inescapable fact that the loudspeaker stand can affect the performance of the speaker quite dramatically — but only in a bad way. If the speaker is not supported correctly, it cannot deliver the intended performance and, if the stand is not designed and used correctly, it can generate noises of its own, that mask or interfere with the wanted sound from the speaker….

For fixed studio installations, these stands represent a good long-term investment, able to accommodate different sized speakers easily while providing a solid and stable support platform with good control of vibration.


Sound on Sound

What Audio Professional's have said...

"... we look forward to installing our second surround set of T-S 1 stands at the AES in NY – they are exactly what we needed for our 7.1 demo rooms, they do provide an outstanding solid platform for any nearfield audio monitor we use, in addition, height adjustment and a fast assembly design allow us to take them on the road and they look fantastic!"
Ronny Katz
Sr. Manager, Professional Audio - Americas
DTS, Inc.

"...I use the heavy and narrow ADAM S3A speakers vertically, so I needed something stable. I searched for some time with no luck. I even considered getting stands custom made to my own designs. I even bought and returned an inadequate product. ADAM recommended Towersonic so I took the plunge. I am happy that I did. My TS-1's are totally stable with light Eco-Wool damping. This springy material also makes height change very easy. The sound is considerably improved; a bonus I didn't expect. The design is very similar to my custom plans. With respect to the future, I am pleased to note that Towersonic have also addressed 5.1 well, including VESA support for lcd screens. These are not simply the best available, they are the ONLY product I could find that is actually up to the job."
Dan FitzGerald AMIOA

" ...When we planned to expand our studios for Surround Mastering , we searched for additional speaker stands too. We found a couple of stands, but none of them seemed to be professional enough or a sonically perfect solution. We found stands which were thin as a needles and we also found stands which were as expensive as a car !!!! and none of them satisfied us !!! And there are REALLY BIG sonic differences between stands !!! The search finally came to an end when I found Towersonic's T-S 3 stands ! The stands feels like a solid oak , the sonic performance is outstanding , you really hear the MUSIC and not a piece of music with a lot of resonances produced by weak stands. The phantom mid in the centre of the speakers became more defined ; the low end in the control room was solid , deep and clear ! The same revealing experience happened with the 5.1 Surround Audio Monitor setup . The price is very fair, it`s worth every cent ! Sebastian is a really professional guy, who provides a fantastic customer support . Highly recommended !!!!"
Horst Pfaffelmayer
Gold Chamber Mastering, Austria
tel: 43(0)664/8490618

"...First time I listened to my speakers on the new stands I didn't know how I could live without it so far. The bass response is so much tighter. All the mud went away. I really thought I have new speakers in front of me. The stands themselves are rock solid and look pretty cool. But the sonically improvement is really worth the price. The ability to adjust the height of the speakers is another big plus. All in all, I love the monitor stands and I would recommend them to anybody who seeks for new monitor stands. I didn't expect too much from changing the speaker stands, but the Towersonic stands changed my mind."
Andy Fritsch
Cold - Sounds, Germany

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