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Audiophile systems … pure and solid performance

Technical Data:
Standard model:
Footprint: 55cm x 55cm x 55cm
Top plate: 22cm x 30cm
Neoprene rubber decouplers
Set of acoustic-spikes A-M-S
Heavy mass: 11kg.
17-22kg when filled with
kiln-dried sand or lead shot
Height adjustment: (Sept. 07)
72cm- 120cm
28” 1/4 - 48”
Textured powder coated
Satin black
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Visit our customisation area
Visit our customisation area
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Visit our customisation area
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TOWERSONIC’s TS-HF is the audio stand for connoisseurs and specifically designed to suit most High-End loudspeakers.

This beautifully engineered stand will not only compliment aesthetics’ and pure sonic performance but will also allow you to set the high and mid-drivers at the perfect listening height, a long awaited technical feature which most audio perfectionists will savour, especially those setting up Surround Sound Systems

TS-HF’s solid steel base, overall sturdy design and its extra heavy mass, provided by filling the inner tubes, will ensure that the bass response fully extends to manufacturer’s specifications.

With a range of feet accessories to suit various floor conditions, cable management, bespoke upper plates or tube lengths (both at extra cost), heavy mass and the “smooth and continuous” height adjustment as standard… these audio monitor stands are definitely the business”

As an example, TS-HF’s standard dimensions can be paired with a wide range of models such as:
ATC SCM10-2/20-2/ SCM50, B&W 805S, Genelec HT206B/210B, Me-Geithain M25/100/200,
Meridian DSP33, PMC IB2S, just to mention a few …

And of course, if the dimensions of your speakers do not match any of our standard models, our bespoke service team will endeavour to create an exclusive design to your exact specifications.

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TOWERSONIC reserves the right to alter products and technical specifications without prior notice.
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