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Introduction to Company and Products

Our goals

When designing the T-S range of stands our goal was to create a range which would not only complement the pure sonic response of all top end studio audio monitors, but would also offer professional users and studio designers endless ergonomic permutations of height and placement. Additionally, these robust stands would be capable of being customised, accessorised and future-proof – easily adaptable to hardware up-grades and architectural alterations.


By starting from the ground up, adding innovative technical features and by providing a bespoke service, we have achieved our goals and much more…


Engineers, producers and artists need total flexibility if they are to find the optimum sweet spot and the best place for their audio monitors . Designing an inspirational working environment is the perfect formula for success – TOWERSONIC stands are the crucial last pieces in this puzzle. They provide innovative, time and space saving solutions – allowing artists and producers to mould audio-monitors and A-V hardware to their ergonomic requirements and not the other way round!


For studio managers and executives our stands comes as a great relief in their quest for the perfect balance between cost effectiveness, bespoke and ready made solutions.


For example, where soffit-mounting of large monitors is not a viable architectural option, or if you want to offer your clients alternative main monitors, our flagship T-S 5’s will provide a truly professional solution which will save you time and avoid costly structural headaches – making real financial sense.


Whether you work with nearfield or midfield monitors, stereo and especially with multi-channel surround systems, our versatile T-S 1 and T-S 1B offer totally flexible and ergonomic solutions, allowing you to place the centre, rear and side monitors at any height and angle, simply and quickly. Our innovative range of accessories enables you to customize them into sturdy VESA stands suitable for single or multiple LCDs.


Similar in concept but designed for larger midfield monitors, our T-S 2's have no equals. As an example, If you need to set up a 7.1 Surround System with large midfields but must be able to change the monitoring set up for a different session or configuration, T-S 2's fitted with our silent and high quality H-D rubber castors will enable you to transform your studio layout in minutes.


Sharing the same footprint and top plate dimensions but with two telescopic tubes, our solid T-S 3's series are a step up from the T-S 2 model, designed for even larger mid-field monitors and medium-sized mains. These large stands are the perfect solution for today’s compact but technically sophisticated, professional recording studios.

Top end Hi-Fi speakers are no longer confined to fixed-heights or unsuitable clumsy stands, explore the real sonic response of your stereo or surround sound system by adjusting the continuous and seamless telescopic action of the T-S 1H-F stands. Our bespoke service department will even match the footprint and colour schemes of your special speakers.

The possibilities are many and the solution is TOWERSONIC.

Sebastian Nastasi-Grace, Chief Designer, musician and producer


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