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T-S3 - Adjustable Speaker Stand

A unique solution for large midfields & mid-sized mains

Technical Data:
Footprint: 80cm x 60cm
Top plate: 60cm x 38cm
Neoprene rubber decouplers
Acoustic Rigid Feet: A-R-F
Heavy mass: 42kg.
52-60kg when filled with
kiln-dried sand or lead shot
Height adjustment: (Sept. 07)
72cm- 120cm
28” 1/4 - 48”
Satin black powder coated
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Visit our customisation area
Visit our customisation area
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Visit our customisation area

The T-S 3 is a step up from the T-S 2 model, sharing the same footprint and top plate dimensions but with two telescopic tubes on each stand. This imposing and heavy stand is designed for even larger midfields and medium-sized mains, especially for speakers with a wide or deep aspect design, making the T-S 3’s the perfect solution for today’s compact but technically sophisticated professional recording studios.

In addition, our bespoke service can create exclusive base plates and/or top plates which will perfectly match your monitor’s 3D-dimensions and weight.

With a range of accessories to suit different floor conditions or work flow and total flexibility in any multi-channel and stereo environment, these beautiful and robust stands have no equals!

As an example, T-S 3’s standard dimensions can be paired with a wide range of models such as:
ATC-CSM 150, Adam S4VA, Dynaudio M3A, Klein & Hummel 0500C, Quested HQ210/ VS3208, Genelec 1038b, PMC BB5A, just to mention a few …

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