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t_s5 Adjustable Speaker Stand

A unique solution for large midfields & mid-sized mains

Technical Data:
Standard model:
Footprint: 100cm x 70cm
Top plate: 90cm x 55cm
Feet to be selected at extra cost
Heavy mass: 88kg.
130-145kg when filled with
kiln-dried sand or lead shot
Height adjustment: (Sept. 07)
72cm- 120cm
28” 1/4 - 48”
Satin black powder coated
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Visit our customisation area
Visit our customisation area
Visit our customisation area
Visit our customisation area
Visit our customisation area

The T-S 5 series, with four telescopic tubes, is TOWERSONIC’s flagship model. With a substantial body mass, large footprint and customised top plates, these solid towers are designed to support main audio monitors with weights of up 200kg, whilst providing all the typical features which make our stands so versatile and special.

Our designing team will discuss, from the offset, all the important technical and architectural aspects leading to producing the best possible solution which will fit with your existing studio plans. Once all parties agree with the preliminary concepts, a national or international on-site consultation and installation service will insure that the whole project goes through without any glitches.

A final height-adjustment, if so required, will fine tune the monitor system to any room’s acoustic discrepancies, a rather impossible task and a real headache for most studio-acoustic designers if a fixed-height rack had initially been chosen.

“Wherever soffit-mounting is not a viable architectural option or simply going for a different installation approach, these towers deliver the best ergonomic alternative for most main audio monitors and one that can make real financial sense…”

As an example, T-S 5’s standard dimensions can be paired with a wide range of models such as: ATC-CSM300, Adam 6A, Dynaudio M3A-M4S, Quested Q412A, Genelec 1034B-1039A, just to mention a few.
And of course, our bespoke and customized service will endeavour to design a perfect solution for most models.

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TOWERSONIC reserves the right to alter products and technical specifications without prior notice.
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