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What Audio Professional's have said...


"We have been asked for many years to provide a solution to studios that require professional adjustable speaker stands. We have finally found this solution in Towersonic."
KMR, London.

"...The T-S 5 are even better than we could have hoped for ! They look great and our Genelec 1034b's sound perfect on them. Combined with the most professional service, Towersonic is a company we would seriously recommend to any serious studio owner."
Will Kennard , Producer , Chase and Status, Open Studios, London.

"....Towersonic stands provided the perfect solution for all our monitors; height adjustability, solid construction and they look pretty cool too!"
Rik Simpson, Coldplay's Producer.

"When Jewel and Esk College rebuilt its Educational Recording facilities in Edinburgh, it required some serious professional quality monitor stands to accommodate the new professional sets of Midfield monitors. Towersonic were recommended to us and their stands have proven to be the perfect solution in terms of rigidity, safety and improved audio quality. The quality of mixes has undoubtedly improved since the stands were set up correctly with kiln dried sand, providing superbly accurate and detailed imaging with all the various monitors we use them with: Quested, Dynaudio and Tannoy. The 5.1 set up we use them with is especially critical and the Towersonic stands enable perfect placement with the improved audio definition. An educational facility also has to take particular account of safety aspects and the Towersonic TS1-B and TS-3 we have used have proven to be extremely safe when there are larger groups of people in the Control Rooms. Seb has been an excellent person to deal with and will give a fast and efficient service."
Jon Buglass, Curriculum Leader, Sound Production, Jewel and Esk College

"I really care about audio quality. So, when I wanted to set up a listening room to escape to from time to time, I chose a pair of KRK VXT8s (it's a big room) - but they never sounded as good as I'd hoped. I worked at treating the room, but it wasn't until I discovered Towersonic that I finally got the sound I was looking for. My Towersonic T-S 1 stands give the VXT8's the platform they deserve. The change, sonically, from the speakers residing on homemade wooden stands to the T-S1s is nothing short of phenomenal. They've also helped me finally position the speakers at exactly the right height, to the millimetre. Thank you Tower Sonic."
Giles Orford, Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd.

"Very happy with all the stands, is great to be able to fine tune the perfect height and thank you for meeting the weekend deadline!."
Alan Moulder, J. Catlin, Assault & Battery Studios, London.

"...absolutely love the stands you made for me.."
Matt Schwartz, Producer & DJ.

"Towersonic provided us with a system of stands to suit our custom built 5.1 surround studio, they gave great isolation to the monitors, they are easy to adjust to suit individual editors and look fantastic too. Great service and flexibility."
Neil Rowbottom, Director, Spotted Zebra Ltd.

"Sometimes you don’t realise that there’s a need for something until a particular situation presents itself. And in our case, the situation arose when we changed the console in our largest studio. The new SSL sits much lower and is shallower than the old Amek, and an unanticipated bonus was just how much better our flush mounted Boxer monitors sounded as a result. But when we decided to add some additional nearfield monitoring, we realised that their positioning was seriously compromising the sound of the main monitors. What we needed was a way of lifting the new nearfields in and out of position. I’d come across the Towersonic range before, and knew that as traditional monitor stands they were more than up to the job. The powered stands though, were new to me – but seemed to be just what was needed. So we took a chance and ordered a pair, and they work fantastically. Installation was a breeze, and importantly the lift mechanism in no way compromises the rigidity and performance of the stands themselves. They are near silent in operation too – and a small noise issue with one of the stands, as a result of mis handling during transit, was quickly and efficiently resolved by KMR and Towersonic."
Jon Thornton LIPA's, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

"...I really like the built quality and design of the T-S 5 stands you made for my Genelec 1039a. Btw. I love your customer support your always answering emails/questions so fast!."
Martin Frainer, Poplab Studios.

""... we look forward to installing our second surround set of T-S 1 stands at the AES in NY – they are exactly what we needed for our 7.1 demo rooms, they do provide an outstanding solid platform for any nearfield audio monitor we use, in addition, height adjustment and a fast assembly design allow us to take them on the road and they look fantastic!."
Ronny Katz, Sr. Manager, Professional Audio - Americas, DTS, Inc.

"...I use the heavy and narrow ADAM S3A speakers vertically, so I needed something stable. I searched for some time with no luck. I even considered getting stands custom made to my own designs. I even bought and returned an inadequate product. ADAM recommended Towersonic so I took the plunge. I am happy that I did. My TS-1's are totally stable with light Eco-Wool damping. This springy material also makes height change very easy. The sound is considerably improved; a bonus I didn't expect. The design is very similar to my custom plans. With respect to the future, I am pleased to note that Towersonic have also addressed 5.1 well, including VESA support for lcd screens. These are not simply the best available, they are the ONLY product I could find that is actually up to the job."
Dan FitzGerald AMIOA.

" ...When we planned to expand our studios for Surround Mastering , we searched for additional speaker stands too. We found a couple of stands, but none of them seemed to be professional enough or a sonically perfect solution. We found stands which were thin as a needles and we also found stands which were as expensive as a car !!!! and none of them satisfied us !!! And there are REALLY BIG sonic differences between stands !!! The search finally came to an end when I found Towersonic's T-S 3 stands ! The stands feels like a solid oak , the sonic performance is outstanding , you really hear the MUSIC and not a piece of music with a lot of resonances produced by weak stands. The phantom mid in the centre of the speakers became more defined ; the low end in the control room was solid , deep and clear ! The same revealing experience happened with the 5.1 Surround Audio Monitor setup . The price is very fair, it`s worth every cent ! Sebastian is a really professional guy, who provides a fantastic customer support . Highly recommended !!!!."
Horst Pfaffelmayer, Senior Mastering Engineer, GoldChamber Mastering, Austria

"...I am really, really happy about the FH 5 stands you made for my custom audio monitors. I was waiting for some degree of sonic improvement, but the difference was a huge and a completely unexpected one. The bass considerably tightened up and seemed to go much lower, but the biggest surprise came in midrange precision, as everything just focused better and was represented in a more relaxed manner.

Physically the stands are a top job. Easy and precise to put together, and they hold my heavy speakers with ease. They look great, too. The stands were the last missing link in my monitoring chain, the whole room+speaker combo, and the system now sounds like I wanted it to sound."
Jaakko Viitalähde, Viitalähde Mastering Studio, Finland.

"...First time I listened to my speakers on the new stands I didn't know how I could live without it so far. The bass response is so much tighter. All the mud went away. I really thought I have new speakers in front of me. The stands themselves are rock solid and look pretty cool. But the sonically improvement is really worth the price. The ability to adjust the height of the speakers is another big plus. All in all, I love the monitor stands and I would recommend them to anybody who seeks for new monitor stands. I didn't expect too much from changing the speaker stands, but the Towersonic stands changed my mind."
Andy Fritsch, Producer-Engineer, Cold - Sounds, Germany.

"...The custom made T-S 1 you made for the Barefoot MM27, are just great in all aspects and now I have them set at the perfect height!, what else can I say, together they work great... and thank you for delivering in time ! Here's the link to the pic."
Jens Bogren, Producer, Sweden.

".. just wanted to give you guys some feedback , have received the stands today, neatly packed, perfect! Putting them together was a breeze. First I set them up without sand, and already it gave a way better stereo separation and tighter, cleaner sound, an immense difference compared to the Dynaudios standing on my desk. Really, the increase in low-mid detail is huge, no more nasty table resonance and buzzing! In my listening position, it did lack punch though, but i knew it was only going to get better.

Some days ago i filled the tubes with dry sand, and that resolved the problem, the attack of the sound is tighter, punchier, overall the stands are a great improvement in listening, also because now tweeters are ear-height instead of shoulder-height on the desk. Great!

Now i'm looking for acoustic treatment, bass traps and panel absorbers, but i seem to notice that the bass build-up in the corners of the room is less then it used to be before i had the stands, or might this be a trick of the mind? Anyway, i'm really happy with the stands, a joy to mix and listen on, worth every cent! I will recommend these stands where-ever i can."
Jeroen De Meyer, Sound Engineer, Belgian Flemish Public Broadcast Centre (VRT)

"...The TS 1 / MM27 customs telescopic stands you made for our Barefoot MM27 are super solid & they also "feel" very solid. The plates are just great. It was pretty easy & straight forward to set them up, no problems at all. I have filled each stand with 18kg of Atacama Atabites just to make sure that anybody who tries to move the stands will end up with a sore back! I have also posted my full comments in Spanish at the professional audio forum

By the way, no need for recoils or any other expensive crap. The rubber pads did the work nicely; the Barefoot are a very well designed set of monitors which transmit NO VIBRATION whatsoever.

So once again, thanx for your service."
Carlos Lillo , RIMSHOT - ESTUDIO DE GRABACIÓN , Madrid, Spain

"...your T-S1 B monitor stands are WONDERFULL ! once the Focal twin 6be V has been putted on your stand, i've got immediately a better sound, more accuracy, a better balance and what design in a mastering room! a very good job Seb. Cordialement."
Rémy Pelleschi , Ingénieur du son



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